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Build Muscle Without Weights

Maybe asking the question why would you want to workout without using weights, can you really build muscle without using weights? In some instances you may not have access to the gym and therefore you are unable to work out to build muscle. Everyone knows that in order to build muscle you should really be using a variety of different free weights and machines to help you increase in size and strength. In some instances however you may be forced into a situation where you do not have any weights but still want to build muscle.

Many people work extensive and long hours and therefore have not the time to get to the gym so we need to find alternatives to build muscle without using weights. Maybe you have not got the space or indeed the money to set up a gym at home, or maybe you do a lot of travelling with work and therefore you need to look for a different solution. If you are a frequent business traveller you want to workout in your hotel room instead of wandering the streets to find a suitable gym. So, we have no weights but really want to know how to build muscle and lose fat.

What is The Best Way To Workout Without Weights?

Firstly you should try doing 100 rep sets which in effect is all about doing multiple reps of the most familiar exercises that you know. A good build muscle diet should also be considered. The idea is to grind out a large number of reps to build of your muscle endurance. The advantage of this type of workout is that when you then revert back to doing heavy weights you’ll be surprised at how much stronger you will feel. Many bodybuilders changed their techniques a few years back to incorporate the 100 reps idea and many noticed some significant physiological changes and muscle growth. How might you be able to do this quicker and build muscle fast without weights?

Another really basic way of developing muscle mass is to flex hard and hold it. After you have done some basic exercises try flexing really hard for at least 10 seconds. This form of iso-tension helps to stiffen and contract your muscles to develop better muscle mass. To clarify iso-tension is purely and simply a method of contracting your muscles and holding that position for a consistent period of time. This can be a really great way to build muscle quickly without using weights and attending the gym.

You should also consider reducing the rest time which you have between each of the steps that you do as a way to build muscle without weights. Having less rest time between replications increases the intensity of your workouts and therefore your ability to develop muscle mass. For example pull ups could be done on a set of goalposts and you perform this exercise until total failure. You then wait a few seconds before completing another set. You are doing things different but not using weights, so why not consider ways in which you can build muscle naturally.

Make Your Own Weights

Why not try making of your own weights such as using a really heavy bag or putting books on your back while you do press ups. In some instances though you will need another person to help you make the DIY weights. To build muscle without weights you could ask your girlfriend or other half to sit on your shoulders while you do is set squats. You may have made your own weights because you’re travelling around the country, but still continue consider the best build muscle fast supplements to help you on your bodybuilding journey.

Use only one limb to perform certain types of exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups or as mentioned above squats. Obviously the difficulty of the exercises will be magnified given that you’re only using one limb such as your arm or leg. You could also try using slow motion training techniques which is fundamentally about slowing down the process of exercise. This helps to build muscle by working harder for longer period of time. The right build muscle fast workout routine is therefore important for all sorts of people.

Dynamic tension is a technique where you flex while you’re doing your reps and is often used by martial arts people to increase their punching power. An example of this type of workout in action is when you do a free hand workout. Try doing push-ups relatively slowly while flexing your pectorals triceps and biceps. This process enables you to build muscle without using weights and develops a more consistent muscle mass production across your whole body. Sometimes it can be difficult to build muscle quick without weights but you should follow the process and maintain the training regime.

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